. Saturday, October 23, 2010
HEY. 2C WONT DIE ONE LA. ;D i am the saver for 2c !
CHEHHH ~ just kidding. :P ummmm, next wk end of school le,
so, any last outings for 2c ? ): before we get splitted apart.
like banana skin. ;X lol. ok. errr, thought of some, just wondering
if you guys want it anot. do reply in the tagboard okay.
or in 2c fb. :) err err,

-BBQ -Sentosa -ECP -Chalet -Marina Barrage.

ok. this are just few places i could think of. ><
do reply k !
Signing off, Xinghui. :)

. Thursday, August 5, 2010
hello class!Mr koo says that the saturday physics lesson will be cancelled as the school will be closed.So those who are coming on Saturday for the make-up lesson no need come.Can sleep more.Zzz..HAHA! :D

For chemistry right,please don't forget to do the wkst 1:the last part,wkst 2:pg 2 and the 3rd assignment is to draw 20 elements(electronic structure).Draw on foolscap paper.The 20 elements are H,He,Li,Be,B,C,N,O,F,Ne,Na,Mg,Al,Si,P,S,Cl,Ar,K and Ca.Need to do by next lesson.Jiayous!HAHA! :D That's all! Bye :)

. Friday, July 30, 2010
HIHIHIHIHIHIHI. i am here to revive this blog. LAWLS. ahem.
NDP is just next week. Yays ~ & we are having half day rightt ? :O i think so.
HAHA. DnT test on monday. pls rmb to study ! :D i got nothing to post eh.
(ohgawd. i just rmb i did not bring book back.)
but i guessssss, during end year holidays might be planning another chalet ? :X
shall see first. OHYA. to the boyyyys, pls be more guaii can anot. x.x
dun walk around unless necessary la. -.- especially jarred ! & stop talking. :B
anyone want to update this dead blog ~~~~~ ohyeah, this pic belowww,
just to show your. nothing to do at tht point of time & make this out. quite unglam. ;\

. Monday, June 7, 2010
HELLOOOOOOO ~ it's me agn ~ :D ok. chalet will be
14-16. at pasir ris de chalet. :)
15 BBQ.
those ppl who say will pay during BBQ can your pay the amount on 14 ?
meet us at interchange or so ?
&& if your want bring friend, can bring also. :)
okay. goodbye. :D

. Sunday, June 6, 2010
HELLO EVERYBODY. Been wondering if you all been coming to this blog everyday. :X
sighh. nvm. (: well just want to update some stuffs on chalet.
14th is fully booked. but pray tht ppl will cancel their booking on 14th.
so if really dun have 14th, our chalet will be on 15-17. but
reassure tht the BBQ is still on the same date. 15th ! (:
Will confirm with you all tmr, latest by tues & post it up here okay.  (:

just to summarise right now,
BBQ will still be on the 15th.
only to those ppl who are staying in chalet, date might change to 15-17
or remain the same old one; 14-16.

. Thursday, June 3, 2010

O.O I put this pic cos i think its nicee!!
HI 2C'S hols here.
YAY! chalet coming!
YAY! yeahh i know results for
the MYES suck. SO YUPP.
AGAIN. hehe. nth to sayy.

. Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Hello peepo!!
More details abt the Chalet!
Prices are changed~
BBQ = $10 per person
Overnight + BBQ = $30 per person
its gonna be a 3D2N chalet~

*PLEASE pay the money tomorrow, for the BBQ & chalet money.
**Exceptional case!
IF really u cannot pay the full amount, Please at least pay half of it.
during the holidays, return to the organizer who help u to pay first.

We do really encourage you guys to come for the Chalet/BBQ as this will be our Final year together in the same class! So try ur vry best to Bond~
Any enquires you can either MSN/msg or look for us personally.


. Saturday, May 22, 2010
hey guys!!rmb to do and try the chem mid-year paper corrections on sect b & c.
i will be collecting the paper on mon.
so teacher has extend the deadline which is on wed(26/5).
make sure hand up horh if not thurs you all cant go the history learning journey.
elydia here.

. Saturday, May 15, 2010
Hi oh Hi oh Hi ! :D one more paper to go, not counting listening compre. nothing to study for it either.(:
k. me posting here, cos of some stuffs okay ! *erhem* k.
hmm, can anyone like reply to the tagboard if u are able to go k.
class chalet. CHALET AH. at downtown east. either days on the whole of 3rd week.
might be 3D2N, might be 2D1N. pleasepleasepleaseplease,
respond to this post. ==.


. Monday, May 10, 2010
Hello :D
Jiayous okay?

5 down
7 to go~

Mathematics paper 1 tomorrow leh! Jiayous!! practice hard kay!
Rest well too! must haven energy hor~



. Wednesday, May 5, 2010
whoa my first time posting hmm anws...

just wanna say, JIAYOUS for MYES!!!
you can do it! just few papers left.
muahahah(: tiring but if you study well
and get good grades, its worth while!


btw, VERNE here.

. Friday, April 30, 2010



. Tuesday, April 27, 2010
HELLO. (: goodluck to everyone in 2c for MYE okay. make sure all of you pasttt 7 go thru-trainnnn. :D
Hehehe. k. This friday is Mother Tongue paper alrrr. rmb to work hard okayy ~ dun play anymore. ^^
Be serious. (: workhard for this yr & your future will be much more relax. no need take N level. ^^
Dun need to worry of going into ITE. :D Sooo, work hard k !
Time table for MYE,
Friday 30th. ------- MT paper 1 & 2. 7.50 -12.15pm end.
Monday 3rd. ------ No schoooool ! :D
Thursday 6th. ------ EL paper 1. 7.50 - 9.20am.
Friday 7th. --------- History. 7.50 - 9.35am
Monday 10th ------- EL paper 2. 7.50 - 9.20am
Tuesday 11th ------- Maths paper 1 7.50 - 9.20am
Wednesday 12th --- Literture 7.50 - 9.20am
Thursday 13th ------ Maths paper 2 & HomeEcon 7.50 - 11am
Friday 14th --------- Art 7.50 - 9.20am
Monday 17th ------- Science 7.50 - 9.50am
Tuesday 18th ------- MT Listening. 9 - 9.30am

Just tolerate for 11days & it will be over ! :D


. Friday, April 23, 2010
Hey class. :D

For mrs ong's class, here's the reminder. ^^

Cooking nxt week;PIZZA, if u hand in ur work. :D
Reserch, ads and menu.

According to mrs ong,
only esther grp handed in reserch.
xinghui grp haven hand in both menu and ads.

Bring cloths, container & apron. :D

Ok, thanks all. :)


. Tuesday, April 20, 2010
hello peeps!!here's the update on sci hw:
mid-year exam 2008 & 2009(physics)
for this both papers,it's due on next mon(26/4)
mid-year exam 2009(chemistry)
due on next thurs(29/4)

those who havent get this 3 papers cause you either absent on yesterday or today,please get the papers from me if i have enough if not your partners should have take for you all...buhbye...

science rep here :D


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